Saturday, December 28, 2019

How Deep.Is Your Love?

Placing this link at the top of my post, so it is easy to find. I have given this enough thought, time to transfer to action. My love for our country is deep as my love for the health of our planet.

Please donate at least $1.
Goal is to gather enough donations and media attention to get to the January/February Democratic debates.

Thank you in advance, and please feel free to share the link far and wide.

As we approach a new decade, may we do so with courage and creativity, and the knowledge that we have survived so much, we can keep moving forward, even when we are still.

Change begins within. 
Action inspires hope.

At this point, we have nowhere to go but up.
We can do this!


Saturday, December 14, 2019

Check Your Voter Registration Status

My modern interpretation
of a well known Plato quote. 
I cannot stress enough how important it is for as many US citizens as possible to exercise our right to vote. Voting is not only our right, it is our civic duty.

As a person who is currently working more than one job to make ends meet, I understand how exhausting it is to tread water.

Please do not give up on the good.
Seek the good.
Share the good.
Be the good.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Northern California Gifting a Tree Project

Dear Friends,
I found this in my facebook memory feed, and thought it worth another share.
Imagine if this type of program was duplicated all across America and the world.
We can do this.

"PLEASE SHARE!!! We are doing the Gifting a Tree Project again this year. What does that mean? Buy a live tree at one of the participating nurseries listed here, take it home for the holidays to enjoy then return it to the same nursery by Jan 17th. We will be picking up the gifted trees and distributing them to fire survivors (from any of the local recent fires over the past 4 years) from a location in Santa Rosa, last weekend of January 2020. Anything left over will be taken to Lake County for distribution there. Thank you for your participation and happy holidays. Call or text with questions. Kathy Blair 707-972-2084

Participating Nurseries for 2019/2020:
         ****All nurseries participating have a
                        707 area code****
Urban Tree Farm, Santa Rosa 544-4446
Sunshine Living Christmas Tree Farm, Penngrove 664-9335
Star Gardens, Middletown 987-0998
Prickett’s Nursery, Santa Rosa 539-3030
Prickett’s in Healdsburg 433-8904
Harmony Farm Supply Sebastopol 823-9125
Harmony Farm Supply Penngrove 665-6345
Cloverdale Nursery 894-6654

Thank you to all the nurseries and all the tree gifters! We are truly grateful!!!!"

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Questions About Homelessness

I'm in favor of a hand up as opposed to a long term hand out, but the proposed cuts feel more like kicking someone when they are down. I cannot support that. Cutting services to people in need hurts us all.

Why are we not identifying vacant buildings in every city and every neighborhood, and pooling our resources to house our fellow citizens in need? If you own a building and it lies vacant and in disrepair, sell it to a non-profit who can put it to constructive use.

We have enough collective wealth and wisdom to solve these societal challenges. We can do better.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

By the People, for the People and the Planet

I believe that love is the strongest force in the universe.
I also believe that the health of our planet and the moral duty to preserve, protect and restore it for future generations should guide every decision we make as a nation.
For, as the United States of America was created
by the people, for the people, we should also be for the planet.

We must improve our ability to work together, to tap into our collective wisdom, to work with respect for and in partnership with nature to ensure we all have a functioning, hospitable place to live.

Now is not the time to take a "wait and see" attitude. Now is the time to step up our efforts.
There are no gigs on a dead planet. 



Saturday, November 30, 2019

America's Watershed Moment

Please pardon typos. I'm on my phone

There is lots of talk lately about a "Green New Deal" -- it's being promoted by Senator Bernie Samders and the grassroots organization that helped elect AOC. I admire and respect bold ideas, yet am not a fan of the top down, government mandated programs, for several reasons. For more information, please refer to the blogs I created to document the Evergreen mess, or contact me for a discussion. There are many lessons to be learned from our collective experiences. 

Oftentimes, the best ideas originate in neighborhood communities and "one size fits all" does not necessarily yield the best result. Maybe for a few, but not all, and often not most.

That said, I support the concept of a "Green New Deal," but feel it may not be holistic enough. Our environment is in crisis mode, and water is key to our survival.
There are plenty of scalable solutions out there, already working. What we need to do is shine a spotlight on them, provide incentives and support neighborhoods who choose to avail themselves of these ideas and projects.

For one example, please take a look at this story about rooftop farms:

It's one tool in the toolbox.

We need a watershed approach to governing. There has never been a better time than now.


Thursday, November 28, 2019


Saturday, October 26, 2019

"The seed on good soil..."

In case you missed it, Barack Obama gave a beautiful eulogy for Representative Elijah Cummings :

I was struck by many of his words, but for personal reasons, his opening lines resonated most:

"The seed on good soil, the parable of the sower tells us, stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop. The seed on good soil. Elijah Cummings came from good soil. And in this sturdy frame, goodness took root..."

And, as evidenced by the videos below, as we build the forest floor, the ground gets more fertile.


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Rep. Katie Porter Asks Questions That Need to Be Asked

I see the many benefits of facebook, I really do. I have spent many hours in conversation with people on it, as well as other social channels.

What I do not understand is how and why a CEO of any company would not want to see their product(s) through another perpsective, through another lens. Despite the humanitarian, empathy aspect, it would help create a better product. Better products create better companies.

--- MT

Katie Porter:

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Party Crashers on You Tube

Hello All:

I just found mention of this, so am sharing:

Currently at 603 subscribers, please check it out. If you feel inclined to join the effort for safer schools and safer communities, subscribe and show support as well.
Now is the time to become more engaged.
We cannot be a government " the people, for the people..." without people.

Thank You,

Monday, October 14, 2019

What Keeps Me Up At Night: My Privilege

I haven't been able to sleep very well these past few nights, haunted by the image of a young, woman being executed in her home as she played a video game with her eight year old nephew.

It is a frightening feeling, but I do have a family and a job to get to, and I need my sleep.  So, I get out of bed looking for something to take my mind off this latest horror. I think of white privilege, and what it means and feels like for white people who are struggling to make ends meet, people who do not feel or understand that privilege. People who are not me.

I think of Sandra Bland. Like me, she was once feisty and full of fire and not afraid to speak her mind. Unlike me, she was black. I remember a time when I was pulled over for a broken tail light, The cop, in an unmarked car, had been following me down the highway, slowing down then speeding up, scaring me out of my wits because I thought he was someone trying to run me off the road to rape and murder me. When he finally flashed his lights and pulled me over, I was so relieved he was a cop, I broke out in tears, and then I got angry. I got so angry, that when he came to my window, I shouted my anger and a woman's truth and a woman's terror through those tears.
I did not get a ticket, I received an apology.

But that was a different time and a different place, a different  cop, and I was and am a different color.

I look at the headlines and how people and the media are reacting to this latest tragic loss of a young black life at the hands of a cop. I see the battle lines being drawn. The people who will try to use this tragedy to further their own agenda. For a moment, I second guess my impulse to write about this, then again reach for my phone.

I wonder about Atatasia's young nephew, eight years old, playing video games with his loving aunt one minute, and then she is gone the next, shot dead by a policeman through her bedroom window. This is a tragedy. A series of events that went horribly wrong. Relating to the effect of my own brother's death and how it affected me, I feel concern for this child's future.

I find some solace in another writers' words. Shaun King provides me with a moment of relief as I read his facebook post. This child will be OK. He has a community and people looking out for him.

I am grateful for my ability to express myself tbrough the written word, and when that is not enough, the power of a song.

I am grateful for my life experiences, good and bad, for they have shaped me into the person I am today and guide me to where I need to go, to achieve a higher purpose.

That said, at this moment, this is all I have time for, as I have to get to work. And for that, I am grateful.


p.s. While I am proud to claim my Italian ancestry, I celebrate Tony Bennett,  Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Sophia Loren, Frank Sinatra, Amerigo Vespucci, and many more before I celebrate Columbus.
If you are arguing about the loss of Columbus Day, your priorities are in the wrong place. Check your privilege.

(Please pardon typos. I have limited access to a laptop, and write this from my phone. If you came here expecting a well crafted blog post, this is obviously not that. Most of my personal writing leans toward stream of consciousness with a quick review for most obvious typos. Have a great day. I wish you love, peace and good music. )

Monday, September 30, 2019

"I am with you."

"I am with you." Chanel Miller

Please just watch it, so you can have better understanding of why
we speak when we need to speak,
write when we need to write,
draw when we need to draw,
are silent when we need to be silent,
and run when we need to run.


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Giving Credit Where It Is Due

Whenever possible, let's give credit where it's due. John Mollusk created the Greta Death Metal video.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Climate Strikes: Change Requires Just That : Change

Friday, September 27th is another worldwide climate strike.
I remember when Severin Suzuki made an angry speech at the UN. 
People shared the video for a while, and some people were inspired to become more environmentally aware. 

Now we have Greta Thunberg and a group of young climate activists leading the Fridays for Future and Climate Strikes. As you probably already know, Greta has been doing this for a year, gathering  cooperation of many environmental groups. Evidence of changing extreme weather patterns will have to result in more action from our elected leaders. If I manage to become one, I will definitely do my best to facilitate positive actions. 

I find it odd that although the change in climate affects us all, regardless of political party affiliation, it has become a partisan issue. It's difficult to imagine that the "Green" party had to exist outside the Democrat and Republican parties for so long. We are part of nature. It makes no sense to try to separate ourselves from it.  I remember the days when Republican elected officials actually passed legislation to preserve and protect the environment. Those days seem so far away. 

That said, the environment is one of the main reasons I am running for POTUS (President of the United States.)

So far, my campaign is not making much traction, which is expected, since I have done my best to stay out of the limelight, preferring to work behind the scenes (except when I am singing, obviously.) 

So, how about that "Green New Deal" proposed by the Bernie camp? I am all for a radical shift in priorities backed with action and funding, but solutions to the challenges facing our society are already being implemented in various parts of the US and worldwide.  In many ways, they are site and situation specific, although many are scalable. Let's take a deeper look before we just sign onto some book that evokes nostalgia while promising to solve problems that are in a constant state of flux.

What type of leader does America need?  My take is, we need someone to find those solutions and raise awareness so they can be duplicated, by concerned citizens, in their own communities. What we do NOT need is more top down "feel good" policies driven by a lot of money sitting in an "improvements" fund.
I take issue with top down, cookie cutter "solutions," especially when they inspire people to ask for things they don't really need and would not ask for if they wouldn't be given away for "free."
Let's start by solving problems we know we have, like retraining workers in the fossil fuel industry to lay pipe that will deliver clean water, not dirty oil. Flint, anyone?  And retraining coal workers to raise bees. 

Speaking of radical shifts, how do we expect to accomplish significant change when we keep doing the same things, electing the same type of representatives the same way. Representatives who spend so much time in the political world, their constituents in the real world have a hard time relating and vice versa. 

Things will not change unless and until we change the way we do things.

I hear many people saying "Get money out of politics" but still, we all keep receiving emails asking for money, because that is what is apparently needed to win an election in this country.

Why are we raising millions of dollars for political ads? Where is the real journalism? 

In order for these changes to happen, I need your help. If you don't want to or can't donate, that's fine, because this campaign is different. If we want to get money out of politics, the best way to show that it can be done is to run a campaign on very little money.

The challenge with this is, money seems to be the barometer of a successful political campaign and success in our society.
The way I see it, we define our own success. What does it mean for you?

I chose to throw my hat into this ring because I believe we need a radical change in how our government and society approaches political problem solving.

Do we need a lawyer for a President?
Not really, but we do need someone who respects the law, understands people and uses their powers for good. 

Obviously, we still have a long way to go.

That is all for now.
Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Forever is Nowhere

Unless you have been under a rock these past couple of days, you know that Robert Hunter, best known as the lyricist for Grateful Dead, passed away on Monday. With this news came a flood of memories attached to this song, as well as amazement and wonder of its relevance to this particular moment in my life.

This song "Forever is Nowhere" was presented to me by Greg Anton about twenty years ago. The song was written for a band named Zero, a jam band in the Grateful Dead family, as some of the songs were accompanied by Mr. Hunter's lyrics.
Oddly enough, Zero used to perform this song as an instrumental.

After much urging by my old Saloonatic friend Lonnie, Greg had reluctantly started a new band after Zero had broken up. And, for various reasons, I'm guessing related to the break up of Zero at that time, Greg decided to call this band, "Gregg's Eggs."

There is so much more to this story, but this post was intended to be a tribute to the wordsmith Robert Hunter, so I will just post this link to the version of the song that made it onto the Greggs Eggs CD:

I remain honored and grateful for that step on my life's journey and all the gifts Mr. Hunter leaves us, as I send sincerest condolences to all feeling this loss.

Here's to the next step, wherever that may lead.


Forever Is Nowhere

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Greg Anton

One of the lyrics Robert Hunter wrote for Zero (though it is played as an instrumental on "Chance In A Million.")
Lost again in the light of your shadow
Stood at the window facing a star
Behave yourself - you've got no reason
Who you've been is not who you are

Beat of the one to the end of the song
Forever is nowhere and not very long
You can see to the other side
Forever is nowhere and not very wide

Every mountain is a whole lot to climb
Take the front porch, take a step at a time
Every ocean is a long way to swim
Don't have to cross but you gotta jump in


What are you waitin' for - some kind of sign?
Take what you've got - put yourself on the line
Trust your hunch, you could do fine
It's all that you got ten times out of nine


Forever is nowhere - it's nowhere at all
Time runnin' out - your back to the wall
Stood in the shadow facing a star
For this one moment you know who you are

     DateAlbumRecorded By
     1992Chance In A MillionZero (note 1)
     1998Nothin' Lasts ForeverZero (note 2)
     ?Double ZeroZero (note 2)
     2001Gregg's EggsGregg's Eggs (note 3)
(1) instrumental
(2) not checked whether these are instrumental or have the lyrics (they are credited just to "G Anton" rather than "Hunter/Anton" , which may indicate they are instrumental versions)
(3) with lyrics

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Call for Impeachment

Impeachment will happen as a result of citizens calling our representatives.

We, the people, have the power, but we have to use it.

Call your Representatives
Congressional switchboard
(202) 224-3121

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Act Blue Link : Music

Ok to share. Thanks!

International Day of Peace

Let's keep working on this. Yesterday's Climate Strike showed the power of the people, inspired by one determined young woman named Greta, who refused to accept all the excuses. 
It is up to us to continue the work.
I have faith we can do this. We need to encourage and support candidates who understand the importance of protecting and restoring our environment. 
We need more green spaces, cleaner air, water.  

Recommended Read: Art Students Honor Custodian With Portrait

I love this tradition. Recommended read:

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Make America Polite Again

In case you missed it last week, Bill Maher tried to be funny by suggesting we start "fat shaming" people. I didn't think it was funny, but since I'm busy seeking a decent, stable day gig while trying to  make ends meet at home, all while running for POTUS from facebook (until we raise enough to start travelling) and attempting to stay true to myself in the process, I didn't feel the need to respond to it. After all, this isn't the first time he (Bill Maher) has said something so completely stupid that it was easy for me to ignore.

That is, until James Corden decided to use his public platform to respond. So, a thank you to Mr. Corden.

Maybe we should stop shaming and blaming each other for things we cannot control and start working together on the things we CAN do something about, such as being more courteous, and protecting each other's rights.


Monday, September 9, 2019

Bahama Hurricane Evacuees Kicked Off Florida Ferry

Once again, the incompetence and cruelty of this administration rears its ugly head. Yet another case of top down control freaks coming in and ordering the locals around.
Enough already. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Close the Camps Choir Protest: September 15th, 3 - 5 pm, Embarcadero Plaza, San Francisco

Come one, come all! Add your voice to the Close the Camps Choir as we sing to protest this administration's mistreatment of immigrants. This is not a concert, but an opportunity for us all to sing as one against the camps.

Visit to RSVP and receive updated information about the event. Sheet music is available to download.

Choirs, choruses, and individual singers are all invited to participate. Join us!

Also - please let us know if you can help with transportation and/or audio needs by posting to the facebook event.


Rancho Recap, Green Projects That Can Scale and More...

Sunday, August 25, 2019

August 31st Reminder


A reminder about the August 31 date at The Rancho!

Life is what we make it, we can either grow bitter, or we can grow better.

I'm encouraged by every donation of $1, everything else is gravy. Thank you for understanding what it is we are attempting with this campaign.

Never give up.



Wednesday, August 21, 2019

March for Our Lives : A Peace Plan for a Safer America

Act Blue Donation Link

I am Mari Tamburo, a singer (p/k/a/ Mari Mack) and grandmother seeking the Democratic nomination for President. You may be thinking "What does a singer know about serving as POTUS?"

For one thing, I have many years of experience bringing people of various ethnic and economic backgrounds and diverse personalities together to have a great time.
Now, as you may already know, this is the exact opposite of what we are used to in politics. 
Political strategy has traditionally been:
divide people, 
say whatever you need to say, 
make promises that cannot be kept, 
just in order to "win."

We have all experienced these tactics from both the so called "right" and "left" side of the political spectrum, and frankly, it's not working for anyone. 
While it may seem to be working for a small minority, in truth,
nobody is winning when our environment is being destroyed in the name of "progress."
The health of our environment -- 
the air, the soil, the water, biodiversity are all suffering as a result of unchecked profiteering.

We need to come together as a nation for the benefit of all, not just the chosen, misguided few.

Are you ready for a true revolution?

Music is a vehicle for change!
Join us on this journey. 
Together, we can reach our destination of a more peaceful, more organic world.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thoughts on History, Individual Donors Goal: 130,000

Hello Again,

Finally getting around to updating the ActBlue contribution forms. Thanks to everyone who had donated thus far. I really appreciate your support. I believe we can do this.
$1 is fine.

Thank You,

Sunday, August 4, 2019

August 28 Goal: 130,000 Donors

Hello Everyone, 

These are extraordinary times in the history of our nation, when every one of us is being called to service in some way. I ask for your assistance in reaching the goal of 130,000 donors, to make it to the national debate stage. I am no stranger to gun violence.

Thank you,



9 killed in Ohio in second US mass shooting within 24 hours

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — A gunman wearing body armor and carrying extra magazines opened fire in a popular nightlife area of Dayt...

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