Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Act Blue Donation Link

I am Mari Tamburo, a singer (p/k/a/ Mari Mack) and grandmother seeking the Democratic nomination for President. You may be thinking "What does a singer know about serving as POTUS?"
For one thing, I have many years of experience bringing people of various ethnic and economic backgrounds and diverse personalities together to have a great time.
Now, as you may already know, 
this is the exact opposite of what we are used to in politics. 
Political strategy has traditionally been:
divide people, 
say whatever you need to say, 
make promises that cannot be kept, 
just in order to "win."
We have all experienced these tactics from both the so called "right" and "left" side of the political spectrum, and frankly, it's not working for anyone. 
While it may seem to be working for a small minority, in truth,
nobody is winning when our environment is being destroyed in the name of "progress."
The health of our environment -- 
the air, the soil, the water, biodiversity are all suffering as a result of unchecked profiteering. 
We need to come together as a nation for the benefit of all, not just the chosen, misguided few.
Are you ready for a true revolution?
Music is a vehicle for change! 
Join us on this journey. 
Together, we can reach our destination of a more peaceful, more organic world.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thoughts on History, Individual Donors Goal: 130,000

Hello Again,

Finally getting around to updating the ActBlue contribution forms. Thanks to everyone who had donated thus far. I really appreciate your support. I believe we can do this.
$1 is fine.

Thank You,

Sunday, August 4, 2019

August 28 Goal: 130,000 Donors

Hello Everyone, 

These are extraordinary times in the history of our nation, when every one of us is being called to service in some way. I ask for your assistance in reaching the goal of 130,000 donors, to make it to the national debate stage. I am no stranger to gun violence.

Thank you,



9 killed in Ohio in second US mass shooting within 24 hours

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — A gunman wearing body armor and carrying extra magazines opened fire in a popular nightlife area of Dayt...

Read the full story on

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Red, White and Blues:: 8/17 in SF, 8/31 in Nicasio

Hey Everybody:

The "Red, White and Blues" caravan continues:

August 17th:
 The Saloon, 1232 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA  9:30 pm
August 31st:
Rancho Nicasio, One Rancheria Road, Nicasio, CA  8:00 pm

Hope to see you. As previously stated, not much political talk, mostly music.
Btw, in case you missed it when it was released in September 2018:

Marc Ribot with Tom Waits, "Bella Ciao"

Saturday, July 27, 2019

[ Atlantic ] Why We're Moving Forward With Impeachment

"While many people believe that beginning an impeachment investigation can begin only with a vote of the full House of Representatives, this is not true. Article I authorizes the House Judiciary Committee to begin this process."

Monday, July 22, 2019

It's A Beautiful Morning

Sharing a favorite song from my youth. Screen shot captured Dino Danelli.
Hope you have a beautiful day.


Nice live version:

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Music, Truth

Hello Again,

The world keeps turning, some of our favorite humans are leaving the planet, while the mean ones stay. But then again, no one ever said life was going to be fair, did they?
No, but it is what we make it.
I notice that the latest BS being spewed on Twitter has managed to distract the media from kids in cages.
I admit he had me there for a minute.
I had to look up the word "whence."

Follow me on twitter at @maritamburo

Next show/rally: August 31st at Rancho Nicasio.


Thursday, June 27, 2019

June 28th in SF 4-8 pm

Hello There:

Watching the Democratic debates, I find it encouraging to see so many people who care so much about our country that they want to serve as POTUS. At least that is the way I choose to see it, because that is why I am running. I care, and I am an optimist. It's the best way I have found to beat back the despair.

We have a gig in SF on Friday, June 28th, from 4-8 pm: The Saloon, 1232 Grant Avenue, corner of Fresno Alley. There will be about 90 minutes between sets to chat but I will be mostly in listening mode since I need to save my voice for the singing. So, please, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and talk at me.

Scheduled Lineup:
Mari Mack (Tamburo) on vocals 
Pat Duffey on guitar
Arne Frager on bass
Richard Wood on B3
Roy Blumenfeld on drums

There may or may not be special guests.


Friday, June 7, 2019

Saturday, June 8th in San Francisco

Link to facebook event for my music gig Saturday, June 8th.
I can promise there will not be much political speaking between songs and it will be nice to meet you:

A few random thoughts:

Civic engagement is crucial for a government that works for most of us. I discovered this first hand, later in life than most. Please register and vote.

Honest people are at risk for abuse, because we expect others to be honest. I do not advise that we walk around paranoid and completely distrustful, but that we take information from various news sources, and accept information with a healthy dose of critical  thinking.

There is more good than bad in this world, although sometimes it is hard to tell.

Again, thank you for your patience while I update this blog and assemble a team.


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Our Country Is At A Crossroad(s)

Climate Change: 

First, we have to achieve consensus that environmental health is a public health issue.

One of my proposals is to use the military to fight climate change. How we will achieve that needs full cooperation and more than one plan, and there is no way to do that until we get to sit down, look at the data, assess resources, etc.
It seems as if we are getting closer to consensus, due to all the hardship so many of us are experiencing: Wildfires, floods, air and water pollution, etc.
As President, I would bring together our most experienced public servants and historians, find out how each department is working (or not working) now and how it worked in the past. Find out where the overlap and conflicts are, and then we would figure out how to work together.

The main thing is to be united in a common goal. There is a good chance that a lot of issues are being addressed already, but these are piecemeal and most of us don't know about them.

When people are kept in the dark, we often jump to conclusions and actions based upon previous personal experiences. This is true whether we are talking about a musician who defaults to a familiar chord progression, a politician who assumes that a concerned citizen is just resisting  to resist, or a policeman who sees someone reaching into their pocket  for a wallet and assumes it is a gun.
So, I would encourage more journalism education and focus on solutions journalism and jobs that heal the planet.
What we need is a completely different mind set at the top.  Our country needs to be led by someone  the exact opposite of who is there now. The President sets the mood for the country, and that affects the rest of the world.

We need a communicator in the White House who shares a first person perspective with a majority of Americans and can therefore empathize and seek solutions to their unique pain points. This is about more than just winning an election:

It is about restoring and representing the soul of America's humanity.

(Note: The above is an excerpt from an online conversation.)

--- MT

Friday, May 31, 2019

"Song of Myself" A Poem by Walt Whitman

ActBlue Donate Link

Goal: 130,000 individual donors:
Yes, before we are even out of the gate, 
the DNC has increased the requirement to participate! 
That is, in any of the primary debates.  I'm sure they have their reasons, and at least they are encouraging small donations. To support this effort, all you need to is donate $1 - and please share with your friends, family and colleagues. 
I appreciate your patience while I update this blog and fine tune/consolidate social media accounts. 
I am eager to get on the road, meet and greet you. 

Thursday, May 30, 2019

CADEM, Thoughts On Civic Engagement.

Hello Again,

I am experiencing a challenge getting into CADEM and was surprised to learn that the only way for me to attend (although I am registered candidate for POTUS) is as an "observer." 

Admittedly, I am new to this political process, and while the most politically active consider me late to the contest, please bear in mind that for the everyday citizen, the Democratic primary is just getting started. Of course, I could be mistaken. I never claimed to have all the answers to anything, but given my diverse life experiences, I am able to view things from more perspectives than most.
Anyway, the customer service rep suggested I email the Executive Director. I did so, but have not yet received a reply.
As for CADEM, Mr. Biden is not attending, so if I do not get in, I guess I am in good company, since he is polling as the frontrunner. But we know how not to pay attention to the polls, and the way I see it, if we have a repeat of pre-selecting the candidate, regardless of how "qualified" he or she is or seems to be in the traditional sense, very little will change for the better.

Additional thoughts on civic engagement:

I find it ironic that in order to serve the public, people have to enter a completely different world and spend so many years working their way up and through the ranks, that by the time they are considered "qualified" enough to run,  they have been rendered completely clueless to the world inhabited by their constituents.

We the People

We will always need the people to be engaged in the process, to speak to elected officials. The way the system is currently set up, at least from what I have observed so far, is the people are brought into the conversation a bit late in the game. This is certainly true of planning. Over the years, especially since that sidewalk fiasco, I have noticed changes in other neighborhoods that give me hope. An increase in awareness, for one thing. We can thank DT for that. 

The most pressing challenge we have now, in addition to ocean pollution, climate change, homelessness/increased economic divide, etc.,   is the system that elects our representatives.
We are making progress in these areas; the internet is helping in some cases and hurting in others.

Challenge: Please consider who is drafting and passing these archaic laws that are attempting to abolish a woman's right to choose and laws  that are criminalizing protest. People in office. 

Solution: We need to replace people who are pushing personal agendas with more everyday people who want to be public servants. A mixture of professional and personal backgrounds in the House and Senate will produce a more accurate representation of the people. 

It's not going to happen overnight, and it will not happen without a fight. And it will not happen without more people of all genders, sizes, shapes and colors in positions of power. Until that happens, let us harness our own unique powers where we stand.

In Service And With Respect,
Mari Tamburo

p.s. Please consider donating to my campaign. Money isn't everything, but in this day and age, we can't do much without it, certainly not run for President.
I am eager to get on the road, meet and listen to the people. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Recent Bloggings

Recent Bloggings :

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

We are still moving in. Slowly going through boxes, finding things I have been wondering about for years, thought they were long gone. Guessing this must be what it feels like to be an anthropologist or archeologist. As I come across something that belonged to my mom, I wonder how much of this need to run for President has to do with wanting to be closer to her, perhaps have more resources to find a cure for Alzheimer's. Would that be a bad thing? It would help a lot of people.
I think about farmers committing suicide, how hemp can help the farmers. Milkweed production that can help farmers and ducks --- milkweed fluff replaces down. I read an article about how duck down is harvested, and it seems too cruel to be real.  Then again, so much cruelty and suffering in this world, so much of our own making.
Memorial Day Weekend. I think about the ultimate sacrifice that so many have made over the years.

I wish you a heart soft enough to embrace love, understanding and forgiveness and a soul courageous enough to fight for what is right and good in this world.


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