Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Forever is Nowhere

Unless you have been under a rock these past couple of days, you know that Robert Hunter, best known as the lyricist for Grateful Dead, passed away on Monday. With this news came a flood of memories attached to this song, as well as amazement and wonder of its relevance to this particular moment in my life.

This song "Forever is Nowhere" was presented to me by Greg Anton about twenty years ago. The song was written for a band named Zero, a jam band in the Grateful Dead family, as some of the songs were accompanied by Mr. Hunter's lyrics.
Oddly enough, Zero used to perform this song as an instrumental.

After much urging by my old Saloonatic friend Lonnie, Greg had reluctantly started a new band after Zero had broken up. And, for various reasons, I'm guessing related to the break up of Zero at that time, Greg decided to call this band, "Gregg's Eggs."

There is so much more to this story, but this post was intended to be a tribute to the wordsmith Robert Hunter, so I will just post this link to the version of the song that made it onto the Greggs Eggs CD:

I remain honored and grateful for that step on my life's journey and all the gifts Mr. Hunter leaves us, as I send sincerest condolences to all feeling this loss.

Here's to the next step, wherever that may lead.


Forever Is Nowhere

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Greg Anton

One of the lyrics Robert Hunter wrote for Zero (though it is played as an instrumental on "Chance In A Million.")
Lost again in the light of your shadow
Stood at the window facing a star
Behave yourself - you've got no reason
Who you've been is not who you are

Beat of the one to the end of the song
Forever is nowhere and not very long
You can see to the other side
Forever is nowhere and not very wide

Every mountain is a whole lot to climb
Take the front porch, take a step at a time
Every ocean is a long way to swim
Don't have to cross but you gotta jump in


What are you waitin' for - some kind of sign?
Take what you've got - put yourself on the line
Trust your hunch, you could do fine
It's all that you got ten times out of nine


Forever is nowhere - it's nowhere at all
Time runnin' out - your back to the wall
Stood in the shadow facing a star
For this one moment you know who you are

     DateAlbumRecorded By
     1992Chance In A MillionZero (note 1)
     1998Nothin' Lasts ForeverZero (note 2)
     ?Double ZeroZero (note 2)
     2001Gregg's EggsGregg's Eggs (note 3)
(1) instrumental
(2) not checked whether these are instrumental or have the lyrics (they are credited just to "G Anton" rather than "Hunter/Anton" , which may indicate they are instrumental versions)
(3) with lyrics

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography