Wednesday, January 6, 2016

QUESTION : What motivates you to do this ?
What motivates me to do this ( seek the Marin County District 4 Supervisor position ) is a desire to serve the community - because I have seen a lack of respect for our citizens' civil rights to fair process and our sense of place. I was considering a run whether or not Mr. Kinsey was going to seek another term. My number one goal as a County Supervisor will be to increase communication and community engagement so that County decisions and projects reflect the needs of that community as a whole as opposed to just a small group of people pushing their agenda. I see many complex systemic issues that need someone with some real life experiences from all walks of life, willing to get in there with a fresh perspective and the courage to put the brakes on a bad decision. i.e., There needs to be more motivation and need for a project than "there is transportation funding for a traffic light, so let's put in a traffic light." The most pressing problem I see is rampant overdevelopment and its negative effects : increased traffic congestion and a strain on our infrastructure.