Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Announcing Candidacy for the Nomination to the Office of Marin County Supervisor - District 4

[Marin County] January 5, 2015

Welcome! It my pleasure to announce my candidacy for the nomination to the office of Marin County Supervisor - District 4 to be voted for at the Presidential Primary Election to be held on June 7th, 2016.

I am currently gathering sponsor signatures as well as signatures on the Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee, which is $1133.60 ( 4535 signatures.)

If you are a resident of Marin County, are registered to vote in District 4 and are not yet a signer of any other petition in lieu of filing fee of any other candidate for District 4 Supervisor, you are eligible to sign in support of my candidacy.

Truth be told, I have never before aspired to hold public office. This is a decision I make with eyes and heart wide open and I humbly ask for your support in this latest effort to serve our community.


Mari Tamburo