Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Landfill Diversion Project

"Landfill Diversion Project"

Start: Marin Open Studios 2023
Targeted Completion: Marin Open Studios 2024 

Artist Statement: A performance art journey into our attachment to "stuff, in holding on and letting go.

 Over the years, we collect things. I have reached the point where I find myself surrounded by so much "stuff" that it does not add value or serve a purpose, and feels overwhelming and blocking my creativity and life flow. 
Over this next year, I will work on adding value to these items and/or passing items on to someone who can find value in their current form. The main goal is to divert them from landfill and in the process, engage in the art of more creative living.
Join me on this journey, and perhaps we can learn from and inspure each other!