Tuesday, April 28, 2020

NY Should Go Forward With Primary

I received news last night that NY has decided to cancel it primary, after previously postponing it to June 23rd. 
In my opinion, this sets a very bad precedent. While it is understandable why this decision has been/will be made, this strikes a death blow to the very root of our republic and with regard to free speech and the write in vote, our First Amendment rights.

While it is true that I am still a registered candidate in the primary, my motivation for voicing my opinion on this matter is much the same as it was regarding that ridiculous sidewalk project: principle. 

If our country has come to the point that we are willing to give up our rights to vote, we can no longer say we are by the people and for the people.  

If you, as an elected official, can allow this decision to stand, you should step down. 

Please, America, raise your collective voice.