Sunday, March 22, 2020


As I prepare for another 40 hours of cashiering at the Good Earth, I figure I might as well share a link to my music. We (Arne, Pat and Yours Truly) recently recorded an acoustic version of a Rolling Stones tune, "Salt of the Earth" - I uploaded it to bandcamp, then tweeted Keef's official Twitter account, before I realized that he autoposts from his Instagram, and probably doesn't even do that himself, either. LOL. Good thing I can laugh at myself! We humans tend to take ourselves too seriously about insignificant things, and trivialize what truly matters. Maybe this pandemic will change that. Time will tell.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I guess it is because I care. I have tried to stop caring, but it's just not in my DNA. At least I have managed to stop being anxious, paralyzed and/or discouraged and can thank my survival instincts and/or my lucky stars for that. I guess that sidewalk mess was full of lessons. For some of us, that is.
People who already think they know everything usually don't learn much of anything new.
Anyway, we just keep plugging in order to stay sane. Sanity is overrated, imho. Give me good crazy, which is where the music can lead us.
Refer to the "Grace and the Grasshopper" story from a few posts back.
As promised, here is the bandcamp link.

Hope you enjoy it. Stream for free, unless you can afford to support the music. Until enough of you can do that, I'll see you on the checkout line. Ill be the one with a purple t-shirt wrapped around my face.

Stay home, please. Thank you for not hoarding.