Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thursday Thoughts for 1/9/2020

Originally posted these thoughts last week, on my original facebook profile, which was reluctantly created (if memory serves) some time in 2009. I am reluctant to go back and check, because if I do, I will probably get distracted. I know myself at least that well. But I digress.

We are now in the 2020 election year, so it is time for me to begin my campaign for President of the United States in earnest and with purpose.

No one wins in a war, and peace begins within.
I have found peace within and would like to pay it forward...

I am grateful.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a "Happy Birthday" and a special thank you to everyone who has donated to my birthday fundraiser (for Center for Domestic Peace.) 

Just as importantly, thank you to everyone who spent yesterday helping someone or at least not hurting someone or something, unless it was in self defense. How you interpret the term "self defense" will likely depend upon your life experiences. After all, our life experiences color or clear our perspective.

My favorite birthday gifts:
- a handwritten love letter from my husband
- a video of our daughter trying to coax my grandson to wish me a happy birthday and to say "I love you"
- a casual (and yummy) dinner with friends who support my candidacy for POTUS, even if they seem a bit perplexed by it.
One asked "What do you think your chances are?"
My answer:
"Pretty slim, but better than if I didn't give it a go."
Or something like that.

We need systemic change. Systemic change is only possible with robust civic engagement. When we have a third of the population sitting out an election, that tells me that a third of us are unable to get to the polls, we feel there is no point, or it is a "combination of the two." Or, could it be that a third of the people do not see themselves reflected in the people currently in power? 

I know I certainly don't.

And, I don't see myself or most of the people I know reflected in the current Democratic candidate pool. I appreciate them all for standing up, even the old white guy billionaires with the "white knight" complex.

The people with money always see themselves reflected, because it takes a lot of money to run for office. Why does it take so much money to run for office? Because the people in power, with the money, make the rules; because our society equates money with success.

What I am here to tell you is, there is a point and this is that time.

When voices are being silenced, when citizens are being prevented from voting because of skin color, this is when people who still have a voice need to speak on their behalf.

This is that time.

When people cannot get to the polls because they have no transportation, this is when we need to carpool, or "get on the bus." When one party is actively suppressing votes of the other party, that is a time when the good people have to abandon that party and register for the other party.

This is that time.

The change we need and want is only possible with fresh perspective and participation of a larger portion of our population. We cannot sit idly by while American citizens are being denied the right to vote. It is un-American and a danger to our democracy.

When we speak truth to power and power turns a deaf ear, it is time for the people to become the power.

We, the people cannot become the power when some of our people are being denied the right to vote.

We, the people, cannot sit this one out.

This time, I have more to offer than my vote. 

I know what it feels like to feel alone, abused and abandoned. I know what it feels like to be betrayed. I know what it feels like to speak and not be heard.

I also know what it feels like to get up to try again when you are tired and I know what it feels like to open your heart to love again after a betrayal. I know what forgiveness feels like.

There comes a time when we need to stand up, fight back, and win.

This is that time.

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