Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

We are still moving in. Slowly going through boxes, finding things I have been wondering about for years, thought they were long gone. Guessing this must be what it feels like to be an anthropologist or archeologist. As I come across something that belonged to my mom, I wonder how much of this need to run for President has to do with wanting to be closer to her, perhaps have more resources to find a cure for Alzheimer's. Would that be a bad thing? It would help a lot of people.
I think about farmers committing suicide, how hemp can help the farmers. Milkweed production that can help farmers and ducks --- milkweed fluff replaces down. I read an article about how duck down is harvested, and it seems too cruel to be real.  Then again, so much cruelty and suffering in this world, so much of our own making.
Memorial Day Weekend. I think about the ultimate sacrifice that so many have made over the years.

I wish you a heart soft enough to embrace love, understanding and forgiveness and a soul courageous enough to fight for what is right and good in this world.


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