Wednesday, March 27, 2019

On The Road Again...

Dear Friends,

Sitting in the dark, writing this note to you. First things first: I am seeking for a full time, temp-to-perm position as I navigate yet another move in less than a year while waiting for ActBlue to set up my account. 
I may have already mentioned somewhere that our landlady has decided to sell her house, which we knew was probably going to happen, so please don't start filling your head with angry evil landlord thoughts. She is a wonderful, patient, kind and smart person. 
It's another chapter in a long story of the roller coaster ride that has been my life story. I will write it one of these days when someone writes me a big fat advance, because I am done giving away everything I do for free.  I am not kidding. Until that happens, enjoy another book. I hear Michelle Obama's book is great and Barbara Bush's book is coming out on April 2nd, which is a bit of a coincidence, since that is/was the exact day I plan/had planned to formally announce I am running for President. 

Anyway, as previously mentioned I was contemplating a bid for POTUS. I have contemplated, and I am running. 
We need to receive at least 65,000 donations in order to get on the debate stage for the primary. 

Anxiously awaiting that Act Blue account to get set up. They are asking me for an FEC number. I was under the impression that I don't need an FEC number until I raise $5000. So here is ground zero. For real. I could use some help.