Monday, February 15, 2016

Theme Song : Magic Penny

I've decided this is my theme song - not only for my campaign for Supervisor, but for my life.

I chose to sing it a capella and purposely played with the tempo.
Feel free to share.

I'm still in fundraising mode for the filing fee $1133.60 plus whatever the cost is going to be for my campaign statement and will be collecting signatures and/or campaign donations this week.

Please call 415-789-6274 to set up an appointment.

For the record, here is where I stand on a few issues. Anyone who has a question

1) Yes to water conservation. Moratorium on new water hookups - this will curb development and cause us all to get more creative with existing structures for new housing.
2) Moratorium on impervious pavements; start a program to remove excess impervious pavements, starting in areas near local creeks. This will create jobs and reduce flash flooding. It will also improve the health of our creeks. That is a win win for humans and wildlife.
3) Repair and maintain the roads we already have before building any new roads.
4) Respect our local community plans and do not engage in any work that conflicts with them.
5) Yes to medical marijuana (and recreational marijuana, actually.)
6) Protect our coast.

I promise to listen to you and I will never lie to you.

--- MT